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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

We're bringing hope to a forgotten part of Brazil

With the help of our supporters we work in the community of Nossa Senhora de Fatima, we work with extremely needy families.  With your help we can continue to provide educational and recreational activites to aid young people trying to escape a cycle of poverty and abuse.

The Work We Do

Since 1993 the GSP has been supporting it's sister charity in Brazil, caled Projeto Bom Pastor, with several projects. We work to protect those at risk, and help them navigate a very challenging environment. Projeto Bom Pastor provides education, care, skills-training, nutrition and healthcare to children at risk. Operating in areas of high social deprivation, the charity seeks to protect children from exposure to drug, alcohol, physical and sexual abuse that permeates these impoverished communities. They also work in the community, tackling root causes of these issues.

The Safe House

A huge part of the work is the Safe House, which has been sheltering at risk children since 2002. The safe house offers 24 hour residential home for up to 12 children at any one time. The children are referred to the centre by the local courts who have found these children ‘at risk’ and needing to be removed from their abusive situations. The safe house was largely built by volunteers with the materials donated by churches and individuals in the UK.


Right now the Safe House is full to capacity, looking after a wonderful group of children ranging from 5 to 16 years old. The Safe House is run like a family home and the children are loved as if they were the "Safe House Parents" own children. Today the Safe House is an extremely happy place, and although the children behave well it's obvious by their cheeky grins that they still play and have fun!

Community Centre

The rest of the work, barring Fut-Sal, is run in our centrally located Community Centre. We are currently renovating and expanding it to be able to provide more space for our IT, Jiu-Jitsu and homework support courses. Eventually we aim to add on a third level which will be a sports area, able to to be used for our Fut-sal courses.  The Community Centre is also where we have our offices, which means the team work very closely to the community.  All our courses not only offer an educational opportunity but also give the young people recreational activities this encourages them away from riskier behaviours related to gang culture.



The Good Shepherd Project - registered Charity No 1076035