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Our Work

We work in an neighbourhood called Nossa Senhora de Fatima, a deprived area near Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Our team works closely with the community to protect and encourage local children away from the many negative things they could be led into.  We offer a variety of courses, all of them are designed to not only offer an educational opportunity but also give the young people recreational activities. This encourages them away from riskier behaviours related to gang culture.

The Safe House

The Safe House is a place for children who have nowhere else to go. Several have been there for over 5 years with others coming and going as the courts mandate. It is the focus of our work, and is a place that draws the support of the community too. The house is run by a couple who act as Safe House parents. 

Education and Sport

Breaking the cycle of poverty means tackling a number of different issues. We run programmes for children and adults in the community to help with some of these. The programmes run include:

  • Sports clubs

  • Homework support

  • English grammar

  • I.T. lessons

Community Support

Fatima is an extremely deprived neighbourhood. Poverty, violence from drugs and a lack of investment from the council have made life harsh there. We seek to help those who are most vulnerable, and give them somewhere to turn for support.

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