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To really break the cycle of poverty in this neighborhood we believe there needs to be a strong sense of community. Already we have seen people coming together to help each other, supporting each other through difficult times.

The Good Shepherd Project has always tried to have an active role, making sure that families going through the most difficult periods are not lost.

To help us in this mission we have created a fund to provide emergency support.

The fund will be there for short term emergencies, from medication to food or other needs. It is designed to be flexible and immediate.

Below are a few examples of situations in which this fund can be used.

“One very poor family has a son of 14 who had a motorbike accident several months ago. He has had major surgery to re-route his intestines, and now lies on his mother’s bed with his legs bent upwards at the knees. He used to be very active, but now he cannot do much more than sit for about half an hour periods. His mother is off work to care for him, but is running out of the social security money that lasts only a few months. When he has an appointment, they need 3 men to carry him up to the road. The GSP were able to help get him fresh bandages as he recovered.”

Baby Maria has hydrocephalus, and recently required surgery. She requires someone with her 24/7, and cannot drink normal milk as she cannot swallow. The GSP have been able to help pay for her special milk.”

Though she is a part of the Safe House we know that there are many children like here whose parents cannot afford the treatments. With this fund we are able to help them to afford medicine while they wait for government support.

Sponsor the Emergency Fund

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