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Sponsor A Safe House Child
Transform Their Future

Welcome to our Sponsorship Scheme, an opportunity for supporters in the UK to make a significant impact in the lives of children residing in the Safe House.

By becoming a sponsor, you can provide financial support to a child and receive regular updates about their progress and the activities of the PBP.

Every child’s needs are different, sometimes a child will need extra support with paying for expedited medical care, another child will need school books etc. One boy who is at the Safe House now barely spoke a word to anyone when he arrived, and didn’t smile much at all. He was put into the Projects Jiu-Jitsu program, and through that, and the kind offer of a free gym membership he has changed completely. Something so simple has helped him to gradually start mending from the trauma of his life. Right now we have not got the funding for the Jiu-Jitsu course, and so a sponsorship for him could mean being able to go to a Jiu-Jitsu club privately.
Other children at the Safe House have had complex medical needs, and though the state system will cover them – its slow, and the wait can be excruciating. For them a sponsorship might mean an emergency fund to cover their medical needs.
These are just a couple of ways in which your sponsorship of a child might change their life!  


  • Increase Engagement: Our sponsorship program aims to foster closer connections between you, our UK supporters, and the children they are helping, allowing you to gain a deeper insight into the work and activities of the PBP.

  • Increase Regular Funding: Through sponsorship, we seek to secure reliable funding for various essential needs of the children in the Safe House, including medical appointments and medicine, school materials, the Safe House leavers fund, and emergency purchases.

  • Reduce Reliance on Council Funding: By expanding our sponsorship base, we aim to lessen our dependence on un-reliable, politically linked government funding and ensure sustained support for the children.


To participate in our Sponsorship Scheme, supporters will sign up to contribute a fixed monthly amount towards the welfare of a child in the Safe House.
This regular funding allows us to plan and provide for the specific needs of each child effectively.

Benefits for Sponsors:

  • Regular Correspondence: Three times a year, our dedicated PBP team will send you a message written by the children (when they are able), an update letter, photos, all providing a personal connection to the child you sponsor.

  • General Safe House Updates: In addition to the letters from the sponsored child, you will receive periodic updates on the overall activities and progress of the Safe House, giving you a broader understanding of our organization's impact.

  • Progress Reports: Our updates will include information on the sponsored child's progress, highlighting their educational achievements, health updates, and any other significant milestones.

Join us today and become a caring sponsor! Together, we can transform the lives of these children and provide them with a brighter future.

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