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Do you want to see


Do you have an old pair of glasses that you no longer need?

Here in the UK, we can access good quality, affordable eye care. As a consequence, many of us end up with spare pairs of glasses lying around the house.

We want to put these to good use and potentially change the lives of children and adults in Brazil by collecting up frames and taking them to Brazil.

Did you know that 12 million children worldwide struggle to learn just because they need glasses? Many people in Brazil can only just afford an eye test. Knowing they may then have to pay for glasses too means most simply do not get tested. This leads to many children falling behind at school without knowing that their sight is all that is stopping them.


Post your glasses to us at the address below, along with your name and a contact e-mail address.

(details will be kept for the purpose of proving to the customs authorities that these are donations and to keep you up to date with the progress of the campaign).

881 High Road, 
Leytonstone, E11 1HR



We also ask for a donation to help us with the transport costs associated with getting these frames to Brazil.

Our suggested donation is £5 with each glasses frame.

You can send you donation with your gift or via our website.



If you have friends who would also like to give their spare glasses and support this campaign, consider collecting up a box of frames for us. If you live near to one of our volunteers, we may be able to pick it up, otherwise speak to us about the best way to get your box to us. Remember to get the contact details for each person who donates glasses so we can prove they are donations.

Could you spread the news by posting about our campaign online and telling those you know about it?

If you post anything on socialmedia please do use our socialmedia #changealife

#changealife (1).png


Alongside the collection of glasses, we are partnering with others in the area to provide a good Christmas meal for people who would otherwise go without. Plans are underway to feed 2000 people!

We aim to help with funds for 1000 of these meals. How will we do this?

For every £5 raised with the glasses campaign, we can provide a dinner for 2 people. The rest of the money will be used to transport the glasses frames and continue our work in Brazil.

Keep Up to Date with the Campaign

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