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2+2 = 3

Please pray for Thalita.

Last week I went to Brazil, the first thing I did when I arrived in Nossa Senhora de Fatima was visit the Safe House. I love the warm smiles, the hugs, the “I missed you” and the welcome into a home that provides a new life to so many.

There was a little girl called Thalita who I didn’t recognize. She was shy, slightly nervous. I felt like she wanted to know who I was but event telling me her name was too much. Over the next three days I got to know little Thalita a little more, by day 3 she wouldn’t stop chatting to me whenever I visited.

I found out that Thalita, who is 11, cannot read or right. When asked by Lucas what 2+2 made her reply was “3”. She cannot spell either, though her words are sometimes funny because of the sweet mistakes she makes it is extremely moving. Thalita was abandoned by her mother, and whoever was looking after her seriously neglected her.

This week please pray for her.

The Safe House from above. A place that has changed so many lives.

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