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Dust off Your Boots and Join Us for a Barn Dance on July 15th, 2023!

Grab your hats, dust off your boots, and prepare for an evening filled with lively music, energetic dancing, and unforgettable memories!

To all our lovely supporters, as many of you may already know, we will be holding our special event on Saturday 15th July, at All Saints Woodford Wells. This is a fundraiser as well as a celebration of the fact that the Good Shepherd Project has now been running for 30 years!

We do hope you can all come and join us for an evening of celebrating the work, hearing the latest updates, including an exciting announcement about a new initiative, eating Brazilian food and catching up with each other too.

Event Details: July 15th, 2023 5:45PM to 8:15PM

All Saints Woodford Wells, Inmans Row, Woodford Green IG8 0NH

Get Your Tickets: To secure your spot at the Barn Dance, purchase your tickets in through Eventcube. Simply visit to book

Connect with Us: For updates and announcements, be sure to follow our Facebook page. Click []

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