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Lucas our Coordinator in the Town Newspaper

Sabara has turned 312! Lucas our project coordinator is someone the town newspaper have chosen to feature due to his work in support of the community! We've extracted the text and translated it for you (please note this is a machine translation), you can read the article here:

Sabara News

Lucas Mendes Silva, 42 years old, married to Fernanda, father of Gustavo and Giselle, and founder of the Good Shepherd Project – understands that the purpose of life for which he was created is to glorify the name of the Lord Jesus, by taking care of orphans and needy families. "The life of Christ Himself inspires me, and He is the one who generates everything I live for, and enables me to get out of bed every day, empowering me to serve those who are most in need," highlights Lucas.


"The Lord made me travel through time, taking me back to my childhood, and with each step I took in the past, I saw that the Lord was preparing me for this moment. We dream, make plans, but God straightens the path. At the age of 12, when I surrendered my life to Christ, I had a desire to be one of the two witnesses mentioned in Revelation 11, what presumption from this child, right... Since then, I have seen God shape my life to serve Him as a witness, not the one in Revelation, but one of many in the city of Sabará."


To fulfill his purpose, Lucas has been leading the Good Shepherd Project since 2004, developed in the Nossa Senhora de Fátima neighborhood, where he and his family and fellow companions have a mission to take care of orphans and needy families, being a voice for the voiceless. "I live full-time in the mission of serving, loving, giving to those who need it the most."


According to the project's founder, Sabará was the land that God directed him to for this purpose. "I will be here until He points another way."


The Good Shepherd Project is an institution that was born on May 1st, 1993, with the purpose of serving God by serving those in need. Today, the project has a Children's Home, in partnership with the Municipal Government of Sabará, where 15 children and adolescents live, who were removed from their family environment due to violations of rights. The project also offers the Service of Coexistence and Strengthening of Bonds (SCFV), in partnership with the Municipal Government, where activities are carried out to protect and promote children, adolescents, young people, and their families, such as workshops on: Circus, Jiu-Jitsu, Computer School, and Football. The project also participates in the daily life of the community. "Various demands keep coming up so that we can serve everyone as if we were serving the Lord," says Lucas.

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