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Support from the council - It's going international!

Really great news from our Brazil team.

For several years they have been trying to send athletes from our Jiu-Jitsu to an international competition in São Paulo. Year after year of asking the Secretary of Sport from Såbara and the answer has been no, this is disheartening for athletes are extremely talented but cannot afford to go. Part of being an athlete is wanting to progress and for them that means competing. After much prayer the council has agreed to send 8 of our athletes to São Paulo!

This is a massive step forward, not only for the young people who can finally go but for relations with the council. Many of the athletes have already won gold medals several times in state competitions, this is the chance to prove themselves even further.

For a few years a UFC fighter called Rafael Sapo has supported the team. Our team name is actually "Sapo Team", which in Portuguese means "Frog Team" (hence we have a frog in the emblem). Joseph will be meeting with Sapo while in Brazil, we hope this relationship can continue to flourish. (below you can see some of the athletes going to the competition, We will be sending out more information about each one soon.

Rafael Sapo - UFC Fighter

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