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The importance of recycling!

Last Monday, June 17, the football workshop group had a very different experience: a visit to the Macaúbas landfill, our giant neighbour! The brilliant idea came from Sansão, co-founder of PBP, who together with Gilson, our dear workshop leader, has been working on environmental sustainability with the football crowd in the morning.

We've always seen the landfill from afar, right? And that smell... But this time, the visit gave us the chance to see up close how this waste treatment machine works. And wasn't the tour amazing? We were welcomed with a hearty breakfast and a very interesting presentation about all the stages of work at the landfill. It was amazing!

And do you know why this visit was so important for the kids? Because understanding how a landfill works is the first step towards taking better care of our planet! After all, the rubbish we produce doesn't just magically disappear, does it? It ends up in the landfill, and the visit showed us that, with the help of technology and dedicated people, rubbish can be treated, recycled and even generate energy! Great, right?

With this experience, the children learnt in practice the importance of reducing waste, reusing packaging and separating recyclable materials. It's a lifelong learning experience that helps build a greener, more sustainable future for us all!

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